Incorporating factual discourses like codes, science mutations and other monsters would be more effective at giving life to the Posthuman Subject I dream on than academic God-type art making translations. One that would move on from loopy experiments of ordinary precedence to a real signal, a systematically living evidence of evolution. I will be rendering that evidence, that artificial DNA into algorithmic flesh of mutated spectacles that truly capture the social nature systems.

We are in constant evolution, the nature change, concepts accepts new renditions, systems translate into more aggressive states and human is no longer pure.

The subject of my works is the same as always was but with a difference, the flesh, the body I always were captivated with is no longer only flesh and blood but machine, codes, grids and viruses. Addiction to the self is in order, to manage chaos and to pursue perfection.

We are no longer pure as our ancestors were, the systematization of the processes stimulate rerouting, the input to live come from artificial sources and aesthetic is pleasing us as we turn into replicas of doubtful precedence. We used to be human, but now we are screenshots of higher powers, those of Artificial Intelligence… the Posthuman Subject