On December 25, Carlos Antonio Otero Aponte, a reporter and blogger from Puerto Rico posted a blog entry as a reaction to an article of mine in Trance Liquido. On his post he is discussing how country-relative culture, but specifically our own, is becoming more and more endangered by our ever growing desire to capitalize everything. Well, not as superfluous as I am putting this up but in a more complex scheme. In my article I was practically accusing the dominant media to only review what is important to certain events of economic “relevance”. Interesting enough, the autor of El Naufragio de Palabras is part of this same institutions i was writing about, but more interesting is that he, besides being a reporter is also a blogger with a full comprehension and understanding of what is happening in the art word in Puerto Rico.

His blog is becoming one of the most read and respected websites in the art scene in Puerto Rico, and if you haven’t yet visited it I invite you to have a look of this great journal on Art: http://www.elnaufragiodelaspalabras.com or you can visit the article La Pobreza de la Cultura